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Discussion in ' Places and People ' started by crazyirishchick , Aug 25, Log in or Sign up. Marijuana Forums. How to find a hookup So I am in my 30's and the older I have gotten the harder it is to find reliable people.

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For a lot of Americans, those days are long gone. I live in Oregon, and I can get cannabis delivered to my house or go into a location any day of the week in just about any large town or mid sized city. If this is you, how do you find your meds? Do you use search engines like Google? Does anyone out there search using anything but Google these days lol?
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Sure, you can meet lovers for sex hookups, but you can also make new friends to share a bowl and hang with. With the recent legalization of marijuana, everyone is coming out and rallying around stoners everywhere supporting this historical legalization. We are proud of ourselves and our right to smoke marijuana without repercussions in many areas. It is a great time to be a weed enthusiast! With our cannabis pride comes sexy t-shirts and even socks. People are out and about more. Rocking the pride is the best way to attract people who smoke weed.

So you want to score some fresh weed, and you are not fortunate enough to live in one of those states that has made the sensible decision to decriminalize it. Come with me as I guide you on a keef-paved road to sparking up. First of all, forget any worries you may have about running into undercover law enforcement. Except for the racist ones. The following are broad but discreet strategies you can employ, depending on where you are. You just have to do a bit more sleuthing. Everyone has sketchy friends. I have this friend Adam who is sketchy as hell: