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Your Ad Here. How We Started. Like many of you men who visit here, my husband had the fantasy to share me. I first thought that his fantasy was crazy or abnormal. Then I read the literature and realized how common it is.

Let me start by saying that at the time of this story, my wife was a young 5'5" brunette with a great figure. Other than one encounter inSee: She was a virgin when we married, so as you can guess she fucked him after we were married. We had discussed wife dating others stories dating other men for some time and after we were stationed in Germany for the second time, she started dating. She like many wives we read about, was reluctant, but the idea did not repulse her. We did the usual stuff of fantasizing in bed but nothing more until We went to a German Fashing party in a local small town nearby, there was a live band and lots of people there, we were with a few other friends that night. As the night progressed we danced and socialized, she eventually kinda went off on her own to dance.

I don't know why I'm so anxious about tonight. It's not like I haven't slept with other men since I've been married. Maybe it's because the man I'm dating tonight is such a hunk and I can't wait for him to get into my pants. Or maybe it's because my husband Kevin helped arrange this date and plans to be here when this guy comes over to fuck me. I barely know Carl.
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These are stories about wife lovers, and specifically concerned with married women. The wife in question may not actually be making love to her husband, and the stories could involve other lovers, either men or women. Akin to this category are slut wives, hot and horny wife stories, wife swapping, and cheating wives. We can buy another, whatever it is. Everything that we started this experience for is all gone. Read On. Wife Lovers Avg Score:

Expressing lustful feelings and raw sexuality can be very enabling to a wife and husband who live the cuckold lifestyle. Why not share yours? Hi, I had a chance a few days ago to chat with my ex-wife, first time in years. I had been hoping for a long time that I would be able to talk with her about our marrage and our time together. We had aways remained friends and I knew if we had a chance to talk she would be able to enlighten me our my situation. I knew she was the only person that would tell me straight up about my performance and our sex life together.

I applaud your creativity. Hated the plot. You really are This story seems like a near-redo of the movie "Pearl Harbor". At least she did not run off with Mark Great story of redemption, told in a non-nonsense manner.