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One of the major criticisms of MBTI is that it only focuses on the positive. Read a book, watch an in-depth movie, stretch your mental capacity. Aw, does this hurt your feelings? But you know it is. Sure, a bite hurts but it takes a hundred of them to amount to anything.

Navy, U. RAZ-1 was the Navy designation for a group of equipment consisting of a four tube 5w4 dating TRF receiver with regenerative detector, a matching one tube preselector and a one tube AC power supply - all built for shipboard use. The AR was in use as early asmainly in commercial shipboard radio rooms. The receiver circuit uses one RF amplifier, a regenerative detector and two stages of AF amplification. Tuning is from 15 KC to KC in four bands. The Preselector was used to reduce regenerative signal radiation to the antenna in addition to increasing sensitivity and selectivity. The National Type "N" dials are scaled with deg.

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