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Hunter Ernest and Seth Gaudin sit and remember those lost in a five-victim killing spree Saturday Jan. Summer, Tanner and their father, Billy Ernest, were killed in a murder spree Jan. Billy, Summer and Tanner Ernest were three of five victims in the spree. Authorities say a man suspected in two shootings that left five people dead in Louisiana has been arrested in Virginia. The extended Ernest family cried Sunday.

What do matchmakers know that eludes the common man? What does the common man know that escapes the matchmakers? Matchmaking ignores these facts and truths on which good marriages are founded, exaggerating the role of the feelings and ignoring the importance of the mind, moral matchmaking victim in emma, and the virtue of prudence in marital choices. Matchmaking imagines sentiments that do not exist and does not let love follow its natural course in which like is attracted to like. Weston, Emma takes considerable pride in her role as matchmaker, boasting to Mr. Weston would never marry again, may comfort me for anything.

But then, Jane Austen hardly expected her new heroine to be admired. Spoiled Emma. Pretentious Emma. Through these missteps, she learned a great deal.
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A self-declared matchmaker, Emma uses her considerable and misguided talents to find partners for her less-fortunate friends. I just saw Emma and the performance and experience was delightful! Toni Schmiegelow. Valli Laneve. Photo by Jay McClure. Stephanie Holladay Earl and Anne G.

London -- A woman injured in a car crash with Britain's Prince Philip last week has said he still has not apologized to her directly. Police spoke to Queen Elizabeth's husband over the weekend, after photos surfaced showing him driving without a seatbelt just two days after that crash. When the year-old husband to the monarch was involved in the fairly minor car accident last week, reportedly suffering cuts, the public response was one of concern, but as CBS News correspondent Holly Williams reported, much of that sympathy had evaporated by Monday because of what the prince has, and has not done since the crash. Emma Fairweather was the passenger in the car that collided with Prince Philip's Land Rover as he pulled onto a road near a royal estate last Thursday. She suffered a broken wrist, and is upset that she still hasn't heard directly from the prince. Appearing on British TV show "This Morning" on Monday, she said he should be prosecuted if he's found to be at fault for the crash. She described it as a frightening experience, saying she was left "panicking" as her car filled with smoke. I just believe that his experience hasn't been the same as mine," Fairweather said.

The passenger who broke her wrist in the crash involving the Duke of Edinburgh has branded Philip "highly insensitive and inconsiderate" after he was later spotted driving while not wearing a seatbelt. Emma Fairweather, speaking on ITV's This Morning, said she believed the duke should face prosecution for the accident if found to be at fault. She said of the duke being seen not wearing a seatbelt: I'm very worried that I haven't been asked for a statement from the police," she said. Fairweather said a member of the Queen's staff left a voice message after trying to ring her to find out how she was following the incident that left her with a broken wrist.